Shaligram  is the direct symbol of lord vishnu(God Sri Krishna). The linga shape saligram is also worshipped as Shiva lingam saligram. Every saligram found in river gandaki in nepal is lord krishna (god vishnu) himself.  There is no any difference between saligram murti and God narayan. So it is important in hinduism.

Holy River or Godly Place where saligram Stones is found is  Gandaki river and mutinath kshetra situated in north-west Nepal. River Gandaki is known as Supreme Mother Goddess in Hinduism. This river is one of the pure and sacred river. River Gandaki is one of the important Ganges river of Nepal where as other ganges river of nepal are Bagmati,Vishnu mati river,Triveni River,Narayani river etc. The ancient name of gandaki river is Krishna gandaki river (adobe place of lord krishna). Presently gandaki river is known as “Kali gandaki river” or  Only by “Gandaki River”. The famous place “Muktinath,DamodarKunda and gandaki river is famous place for sri saligam . These three place is situated together but located with only few miles distance . For  Full Articles and Details. Continue Reading Shaligram

Rudraksha Beads.

Rudraksha is a divine Seed that grows abundantly in many places in Nepal. It is also found in some places of India like Dehradun India and Bali,Java Indonesia. This seed have high demand in nepal and india.The great rishi ,devotee ,bhakta from india travel to nepal for tirth yatra for famous temple of nepal like pashupati nath mandir etc. At same time many borrow rudraksha from nepal at temple. Nepali rudraksha is used from ancient period. Till now india have great demand of rudraksha every year. Rudraksha is used by Hindu as prayer seeds and mantra jap mala (necklace).  It is direct symbol of lord dev adi dev mahadev (shiva). We have rudraksha shop in nepal. We also do delivery india,usa etc many country. More Details about us Click here.

The word Rudraksha in Sanskrit language  is formed by combining two words which are “Rudra” and “Aksha”, where Rudra is one of the many names of Lord Shiva and Aksha means tears of eyes of lord shiva. It is mention about the rudraksha is that the plant or tree which grew from lord shiva tears or holy water of an eyes of shiva . Once many million years ago  lord shiva tear or holy water which came from lord shiva eyes fell down in land. This tear of shiva turn to holy plant “Rudraksha”.  In Rudraksha tree the divine holy seed ‘Rudraksha  seed’ is grown. Some puran mention about Rudraksha tree that it grew from lord shiva sweat too. But in some puran it is mention about Legend of Rudraksha tree is from God shiva tears or  holy water of eyes.

Rudraksha seed is prayer bead. Single bead of Rudraksha is worshipped or used to wear in neck as locket. The mala of Rudraksha is also made through which daily mantra Jap of god shiva and any devi devtas is recited and chanted. Wearing Rudraksha mala or single seed of rudraksha  locket helps to develop spirtual life. Rudraksha is adobe of god shiva(lord shiva himself). For Full articles and Details Continue Reading Rudraksha.